STUDIO MILANINI Milano (MI) 20122 - Largo Toscanini n. 1 Vercelli (VC) 16100 - Via Jacopo Durandi n. 2 Borgosesia (VC) 13011 - Piazza Cavour n. 14 Tel. 02.760.15.226 - 0163.292546 Fax 0163.360.020 _____________________________________________________
STUDIO MILANINIMilano (MI) 20122 - Largo Toscanini n. 1Vercelli (VC) 16100 - Via Jacopo Durandi n. 2Borgosesia  (VC)  13011  -  Piazza Cavour  n.  14Tel. 02.760.15.226 - 0163.292546 Fax 0163.360.020_____________________________________________________


The Firm's practice areas regards legal assistance to Companies, both in judicial and extrajudicial fields and in any area of Company and Business Law, Banking Law, Distribution, Insurance Law, Labour Law, Contracts, Real Estate, Arbitration.


The Firm has over twenty years of experience in debt collection, with regards commercial and financial credits, in particular non performing loans portfolios, acting  throughout Italy relying on an extensive network of trustworthy lawyers.

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